Meet The Staff


Some of CUDPs sweepers

The Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme has 36 employees in total. These are separated into several different categories such as Green Workers, Sweepers and drivers. You can read more about their exact job descriptions under the section called “How we work”. Of these 36 people, two of them are responsible for keeping the organization running as smoothly as possible. These are the Environment Officer Mr. Tenzin Mewang and the Field Officer Mr. Ngawang Sonam. Here you will learn┬ámore about them and what their jobs consist of.


Environmental Officer:


As Environment Officer, the responsibility for the continued running of the Clean Upper Upper Dharamshala Programme falls on Mr. Tenzin Mewang.┬áHaving held the same office once before (between 2007-2014) this responsibility is nothing new to him. After working at the Norbulingka Institute for two years, he was summoned back to the CUDP in the summer of 2016 after his successor quit. It is Mr. Mewang’s job to keep up relations with both the Tibetan Settlement Office (TSO) and the Municipal Corporation Dharamshala (MCD). He is the main administrative force behind the CUDP. An engaging person with a childlike sense of humor, he never fails to make the office a fun place to work.

Field Officer:


Being the Field Officer of the CUDP, the duties of Mr. Ngawang Sonam differs a bit from those of Mr. Mewang. It falls to Mr. Sonam to make sure that the day to day operations of the Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme run as efficiently and flawlessly as possible, which he has done expertly since his appointment during the summer of 2015. When a situation emerges that needs direct solving, it is also his job to send workers to the affected area. He is a life-long music lover and talented guitarist who loves to entertain both employees and guests with songs ranging from Tibetan folk music to American pop.


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